The former professional basketball player-turned-NBA executive recently died at 56.

Black American suicides are much more likely than whites' to be classified as "undetermined."


Many of the final social media posts from Ian Alexander Jr., Regina King's son and a DJ, singer and producer who performed as Desduné before dying by suicide, eagerly look toward the future. But others offered more cryptic messages.

A recent study conducted by psychiatrist Paul Nestadt found that while suicides among White Marylanders decreased by 45 percent between early March and May, rates of suicide-related deaths among Black people in the state spiked by 94 percent during the same time period.


There has recently been heightened awareness about an apparent larger and troubling trend of Black kids killing themselves because they were being bullied at school.


A recent episode from “We’re The Campbells” shed light on African-Americans' relationship with suicide.

Death rates have reached an unimaginable level.