The Chick-Fil-A publicity stunt was a great reminder.

The NBA legend ripped the narrative that Trump's mugshot has galvanized Black voters.

Donald Trump falsely claimed that his mugshot has caused his support among Black voters to go up "four or five times."


Claiming she wanted to help Freeman, Trevian Kutti offered to help the embattled election worker if she would confess to non-existent fraud.

Just days ahead of the election, California Rep. Maxine Waters had some choice words for Black voters intending to cast ballots for Donald Trump.

Republicans practiced addition by deliberately subtracting Candace Owens from the RNC equation as the Republican National Convention ended by snubbing the reviled, anti-Black conspiracy theorist and not allowing her to speak.

Chico Cromartie is yet another resident that calls the Sunken Place home.

David Clarke retained his master’s degree after the his school threatened to revoke his degree over multiple instances of plagiarism in his thesis.

Pastor Darrell Scott met with members of President Donald Trump’s inner circle about their support if he decides to run for Congress.