Before expecting Black people to shoulder the burden of enacting change, they must be safe, resourced and have their needs heard and met.

Reproductive rights, gun violence and climate change are other important issues, a poll found.


Even today, the 19th Amendment doesn’t secure all women of color’s voting rights.

Abrams had a front row seat as she conducted roll call for 16 electors to cast their votes for President-elect Joe Biden.

A new poll by Higher Heights explores the issues and blind spots perpetuated by the public that Black women routinely face, while also highlighting the issues and topics relevant to Black women voters. 

Black women invested in this election with the promise that their votes would produce action towards legislation eradicating blocked accessways to wellness without the threat of patriarchy and misogynoir, bridled under the umbrella of white supremacy.


Eva Longoria is under fire for saying Latinas, not Black women, are the voters who should be recognized the most for helping Joe Biden and Kamala Harris get elected.


The glaring absence of Black women at the first of two Democratic presidential debates was impossible to ignore.

The lingering question of how much support Bernie Sanders has from Black women voters was exacerbated over the weekend.

Nearly half of the very wide field of Democratic presidential candidates were slated to take part in this election season's first event taking aim at the most coveted of voting demographics: women of color. Watch it here.

Chicago could make history by electing its first Black woman mayor.

Hillary Clinton attended the Ida B. Wells Legacy Luncheon in Chicago to receive an award and help raise funds for a political action committee that supports Black female candidates.