It's time to hold Howard and other HBCUs accountable to serving their students to the best of their ability while also loving these institutions for what they symbolize and the excellence that they foster. 


Frank Tramble, Vice President & Chief Communications at Howard University, told 7News in a statement that the university had reached an agreement with the students but the story is still developing.

Journalists at Howard University’s student-run newspaper 'The Hilltop' claim they're being censored after coverage of campus protests has declined in the past week.

Civil rights icon Rev. Jesse Jackson visited Howard University's campus to offer words of encouragement and support for students who for weeks have been protesting living conditions on campus in addition to several administrative policies. #BlackburnTakeover

Students recently took shots at Howard University’s 40-year contract with Corvias, the property management company hired to provide maintenance for the dorms. In a video posted to Twitter, a student calls Corvias a “very slum lordy company” and explains her issues with the company.

Students at Howard University have been protesting horrible living conditions inside of some dorms on campus. Using the Twitter hashtag #BlackburnTakeover, organizers encouraged a sit-in at the Blackburn Center to bring attention to this housing crisis and demand change within the dorms.

A freshman at Howard University took to her social media to address issues that plagued the students at the historically black college.