Blacks and police violence

Fired La Mesa Police Officer Matthew Dages was acquitted of lying in his police report about the violent arrest of a Black man whose brutal treatment from cops was recorded on bodycam video.

Dustin Boone's lawyers are really trying to argue that the ex-cop convicted in the beating of detective Luther Hall - who was working undercover at a BLM protest - should get a light sentence because St. Louis officers brutalizing Black people is basically a police love language.

The anniversary of Rodney King's beating drew attention to how the culture of police brutality in Los Angeles, in particular, has seemingly gone unchecked since the horrific video went viral in 1991.

A video showing police violence against an unarmed Black man in Georgia was going viral after the cops beat the suspect bloody and unconscious for reportedly "not having his ID."

One of the Clayton County cops who beat car passenger Roderick Walker was set to be fired, the Georgia police chief announced after the brutality was recorded on a viral video.

A police officer at the Miami airport who hit a Black woman in her face after she accused him of "acting like you white" was not immediately fired for violent encounter recorded on video.

It's been more than three months since Louisville police officers executed Breonna Taylor in her own home.

The Atlanta police killing of Rayshard Brooks is the latest instance in a disturbing series of cops openly disrespecting their victims in the moments after using lethal force in situations that didn't call for it.

Breonna Taylor’s story is reminiscent of countless others, and reflects a long-standing pattern: For decades, Black women have been targets of police violence and brutality.

Old video footage of a violent arrest of a Black woman in 2018 has gone viral and the police chief overseeing it made sure everyone knows he approves of the "neck restraint" used, even if his department can't use them.

It's been a different kind of social distancing as protesters across the globe have united separately to demand racial and social justice as Black people continue to be killed with apparent impunity.

Marquis Jefferson's cause of death was a heart attack. But there are good odds that the 59-year-old died at least in part because of residual trauma and elevated levels of stress, according to research.