Everyone wants to know the secrets to happiness. Author June Archer lets us in on the secrets in his new book, “Yes! Every Day Can Be a Good Day,” on “NewsOne Now Fridady morning. SEE ALSO: ‘R&B Divas’ Star Faith Evans Earns Solo Grammy Nomination, Rest Of Cast Shut Out Archer says he wrote the […]

“I hope when you put this book down, you don’t see Al Sharpton differently, but you instead see yourself differently.” – Rev. Al Sharpton June 27, 2013 – New York – Television host and political activist, Reverend Al Sharpton (pictured), is set to release his first book in over 10 years, The Rejected Stone: Al […]

Everybody has a story — at least that’s what they say. I was recently discussing the latest in books with tireless blogger and journalist, Jessica Ann Mitchell of, and she told me how many of her bloggers and followers consistently voice an interest in writing, publishing and marketing a book concept; and they are […]

Some of you may have heard of author Booker T. Mattison or of his current book, Snitch, a top seller at a number of black book sites including the African American Literature Book Club. But what you may not know is that Mattison is also a talented filmmaker as well. This past weekend, Mattison talked books […]

Got a real treat for those of you who were unable to make it to the 2011 Harlem Book Fair this past week — C-Span’s Book TV covered the event and has hours of incredible footage available online at their site’s video library. The video segments from this iconic book fair include a bunch of […]

Author Lee Hayes and a select few are presenting stories that venture, slightly or not, from the stories we have become most familiar. They are making their mark on the literary world by presenting diverse stories that speak to the diverse needs and interests of the LGBT community. The Grio Reports: They are the stories […]

The Lit Bit Brace yourself Black America ‘cuz your books will never look the same This week, I am very excited to tell you about an upcoming and unique program that will take the written word to a whole new level. Within the coming weeks, a new online, book review show will begin airing right […]

Books, books, and more books… and precious little time to read them all. But don’t let that stop you, especially given all of the upcoming opportunities over the next month to celebrate the written word. A lot more things are popping off in July than the 4th. To name just a couple, we’ve got the […]

…put it in a book. At least, that’s how the saying goes. And the main folks guilty of making such an allegation…? You guessed it… Black folk themselves. You see, many of us who say this do so not to hate on our own community, but rather to stir black folk in to understanding what […]

A NewsOne Exclusive What a week… celebrities, New York City, crowds of thousands… and, most of all, books. I spent the week in The Empire State attending the 2011 Book Expo of America, the biggest book industry event in North America. Making the trip with me was beautiful and talented booklover, Alexandra Morton, the sister […]

Welcome to a new addition to our website titled “The Lit Bit.” This will be the literary corner for Black America as we explore the best in Black fiction through reviews, interviews, and other forms. Expect fresh content from us in this section numerous times a week. Below is a list of Black Bestsellers In […]

Today would have been Malcolm X’s 85th birthday. As we take time to reflect on his life and the pivotal role he played in the struggle for Black equality, what better way could there be than to read his story in his own words?