Kevin Hart is opening two plant-based eateries in Los Angeles.

Racism proved to be ageless yet again after a California varsity cheer team was pictured with a Black mannequin head they called "Kareem."

How do you get a whole race of people to uplift themselves after years of persecution? This was the very question Colonel Allen Allensworth asked himself before he embarked on one of the most important journeys in African American history: to build the first Black self-sufficient town in California.

Steph and Ayesha Curry are creating libraries for youth in underserved neighborhoods throughout Oakland.

Betty Reid Soskin—the National Park Service’s oldest ranger who dedicated her work to amplifying stories about Black history—has retired.

The state of California might be one step closer to passing a historic proposal that could make reparations for Black Americans a reality in the state.

Architect and activist Deanna Van Buren is merging her passions for design and social justice to reimagine a world without prisons.

42-year-old Christine Garner and 49-year-old Jeremy Jones were arrested and charged with murder the morning after a March 15 incident they're accused of committing a hate crime in killing Justin Peoples, 30, at a Chevron gas station in Tracy, California. They've been charged with a hate crime.

California District Attorney Todd Spitzer is in hot water after racist comments he made about a Black murder defendant were leaked to the public last week. But he's found support from some Black leaders in Orange County.

A new Karen, who has been dubbed "California Karen," has been captured on camera at a Spencer's store accusing a Black man of stealing her cellphone that she ended up finding *checks notes* in her purse.


In Ventura, California, a white history teacher told students ex-President Donald Trump is still the president. She was also recorded saying things to a classroom full of pre-teens about vaccines and the son of President Joe Biden that she had zero facts to substantiate. 

Mary MacCarthy, the mother, said she and her 10-year-old daughter, Moira, were flying from Los Angeles to Denver on October 22, on Soutwest Airlines when she was accused of trafficking her daughter.