It's just the latest dog whistling from Republican Texas Rep. Troy Nehls.

A jaw-dropping report from the House Ethics Committee was released.

Independent presidential candidate Cornel West defended accepting a campaign donation from Republican billionaire Harlan Crow, who lavished Clarence Thomas with gifts compared to bribes.


End Citizens United has accused Herschel Walker of omitting millions in political funding sources, which he's required by law to disclose.

A federal investigation is reportedly underway with Marilyn Mosby, the state's attorney for Baltimore, and her husband, Baltimore City Council President Nick Mosby, at the center of the probe.

A closer look at the history of political donations from Chris Carlos -- the husband of Juliana Carlos, also known as "Courtside Karen" -- could shed some light on her privileged behavior confronting LeBron James mid-game.


The congresswoman is leaning on a loophole to exceed finance limits.


Why more people need to know about the Supreme Court’s recent decision that will allow unlimited money to be poured into elections and what we can do to address it. File this in the category of “under the radar.”  There’s a lot that gets covered in the news and with the news cycle running all […]