Capital Punishment

The 14-year-old was the youngest person ever executed in the U.S. in the 20th century.

It wasn't just that Joshua Lee Burgess killed his daughter Zaria, but it was also how he killed the 15-year-old that drew attention to the case.

Virginia moved one step closer to abolishing the death penalty, a measure that polling shows is overwhelmingly supported by Black state residents.

Activists like Martin Luther King III want his death sentence commuted.

Rodney Reed is scheduled to be executed in six days.

Rodney Reed was convicted of killing a white woman by an all-white jury in 1998.

California imposes a moratorium on the death penalty.

Updated: February 3, 2016, 8:25 AM ET Brandon Astor Jones, convicted of murder in the death of a convenience store manager in 1979, died by lethal injection at 12:46 AM ET Wednesday at Georgia Diagnostic and Classification Prison in Jackson, according to Reuters. The Georgia Department of Corrections said in a statement that he accepted […]

The court argued the Kansas case in October 2015 and came to an 8 to 1 decision on Wednesday. Justice Sonia Sotomayor dissented the Supreme Court's decision, only to note the case shouldn't have been heard in the first place.

President Barack Obama and Russian leader Vladimir Putin haven’t always seen eye-to-eye, but Monday they will come face-to-face to lay lingering issues between their countries on the table. This will be the first time the two have met in almost a year. “It appears that President Putin is convinced that his position would benefit from a conversation […]

Glenn Ford was freed last year after serving 30 years on Louisiana’s death row for a crime he didn’t commit. If that wasn’t bad enough, he was denied cancer treatment for a condition that later became terminal while he was locked up, reports the Huffington Post. Now, in a final bit of indignation, the 65-year-old […]

UPDATED (December 17, 2014): Seventy years after 14-year-old George Stinney became the youngest person in American history to be executed, he was “exonerated” today by a South Carolina judge who vacated his conviction. Judge Carmen T. Mullen wrote that her court “finds fundamental, Constitutional violations of due process exist in the 1944 prosecution of George Stinney, Jr. […]