The kidnapping hoaxster must pay a hefty fine.


A judge ruled in the kidnapping hoax case.

Carlee Russell's ex-boyfriend is still uncertain about the motive behind her kidnapping hoax.

Alabama state Sen. April Weaver and other Alabama legislators want to make faking a kidnapping a felony after Carlee Russell's case.


Carlee Russell, who admitted to faking her own kidnapping in Alabama, has been charged with two crimes, according to a new report.


Derrica Wilson, CEO of the Black and Missing Foundation, talks Carlee Russell, Black women and more in this exclusive Q&A. "We need our community to be our digital milk carton," Wilson says.

Carlee Russell's full confession to faking her own kidnapping in Alabama has shifted attention to potential legal ramifications as law enforcement officials meet to discuss her fate.


A post about "her kidnapper" was deleted after cops said there's no evidence one existed.

Police in Alabama revealed Carlee Russell's phone search history included questions about Amber Alerts, one-way bus tickets and even the movie 'Taken,' which is about a kidnapping.

“She’s having to deal with the trauma of people just making false allegations about her."

Is the public entitled to know what happened to Carlee Russell after her disappearance in Alabama? A social media debate is raging.

Carlee Russell's frightening 48-hour ordeal in Alabama is placing a brighter spotlight on the disproportionate number of Black women who disappear every year.