Sarah Jane Comrie, aka Citi Bike Karen, is nothing but a 2023 version of Carolyn Bryant, the white woman who caused Emmett Till to get lynched.

Sarah Jane Comrie, the "Citi Bike Karen" who fake cried for help from a group of young Black men, reminds us Carolyn Bryant Donham, who accused Emmett Till and got him lynched.


Most Mississippi civil rights history leads back to the widespread outrage over the Till case in the summer of 1955.

Carolyn Bryant Donham claimed the 14-year-old catcalled her, which led to his lynching.


While the outcome is not surprising, the continued refusal of the legal system to hold Carolyn Bryant Donham responsible is nonetheless disheartening.

Inside is a collection of archived photos of Emmett Till’s life, his lynching, and the murder trial for his death. 


The Mississippi attorney general's office said Carolyn Bryant Donham's memoir and arrest warrant aren't enough "new evidence" to reopen Emmett Till's case.

Civil Rights & Social Justice

The woman at the center of Emmett Till's death dictated “I Am More Than A Wolf Whistle” more than a decade ago. It represents the first time she has spoken openly about the case.

Civil Rights & Social Justice

Serving a newly discovered warrant from 1955 and arresting Carolyn Bryant Donham would be a powerful example of righting at least one wrong.

A warrant for the arrests of Emmett Till's killers and Carolyn Bryant Donham was discovered and the family wants it served.

The Tallahatchie County Courthouse, where Roy Bryant and J.W. Milam were tried and acquitted in Emmett Till’s death in 1955, is being converted into a museum.

Emmett Till's family is calling for a new investigation after a new book reveals that his accuser, Carolyn Bryant Donham, lied about a claim that led to his lynching.