Chief Keef has been ordered back to jail for allegedly skipping out on paying his child support, TMZ reports. Chicago police have been told to arrest him if spotted, the entertainment news site said. Keef, whose real name is Keith Cozart, was suppose to appear in court Sept. 5 to explain why he hasn’t paid […]

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Once again showing that his ignorance is limitless, Interscope recording artist Chief Keef threatens singer Katy Perry with violence after she — rightfully– said that his song, “I Hate Being Sober,” made her lose faith in humanity. The Chicago-bred high school drop-out, turned criminal, turned corporate rapper, turned (unofficial) murder suspect, responded as he typically […]


Chief Keef was arrested near Atlanta this week for disorderly conduct after hotel security smelled marijuana smoke coming from his room, the Chicago Tribune reports. The Chicago rapper was at the LeMeridan Hotel in Dunwoody, north of Atlanta. Booked under his real name, Keith Farrelle Cozart, the rapper was released on his own recognizance from […]


Does corporate Hip-Hop profit from paying Black men to prey on Black women? Writing for Clutch Magazine, NewsOne’s Contributing Editor, Kirsten West Savali, opines that Chief Keef — and others like him — are bought and paid for puppets in an industry where rapping about murdering and raping women can make you very, very rich. […]


On the heels of rapper Rick Ross‘ severed relationship with Reebok due to lyrics bragging about drug-induced date rape, Interscope artist, Chief Keef (BigGucciSosa300), has released a record threatening to kill a young woman if she doesn’t perform fellatio. “You aint gonna let me f*ck and I feel you, but you gone suck my d*ck […]

Troubled teen rap star Chief Keef (pictured) was slapped with a child support lawsuit from an eighth-grader who is alleging that he fathered her 14-month-old baby, TMZ reports. Keef, whose actual name is Keth Cozart, is named as the defendant is a suit that reportedly seeks day care expenses, health insurance, out-of-pocket health expenses, retroactive child support and […]


Interscope artist, Chief Keef (BigGucciSosa300), has continuously denied any involvement in the murder of rival, Lil JoJo (#OsoarrogantENT), born Joseph Coleman, who was gunned down at 18-years-old just hours after a brewing street war spilled over into social media. But if lyrics found in two songs on his recently released debut album, Finally Rich, are […]

Writing for NBC, veteran Chicago political journalist and author, Edward McClelland, described “Don’t Like” rapper Chief Keef‘s debut album on Interscope Records, Finally Rich, as a “minstrel show.” According to McClelland, author of the books “Young Mr. Obama: Chicago and the Making of a Black President” and “Nothin’ But Blue Skies: The Heyday, Hard Times and Hopes […]


The mother of slain Chicago teen rapper, Lil JoJo, Robin Russell, and his brother, John Coleman, made an appearance on BET’s Don’t Sleep with T.J. Holmes and made some explosive allegations. RELATED: Chicago PD Investigate Link Between Teen Rapper’s Murder, Several Slayings Throughout City Speaking on the rumors that rising rap star Chief Keef played a role […]