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Once again showing that his ignorance is limitless, Interscope recording artist Chief Keef threatens singer Katy Perry with violence after she — rightfully– said that his song, “I Hate Being Sober,” made her lose faith in humanity.

The Chicago-bred high school drop-out, turned criminal, turned corporate rapper, turned (unofficial) murder suspect, responded as he typically does — with misogyny and violence:

As previously reported by NewsOne, Chief Keef is no stranger to controversy.


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The mother of slain Chicago teen rapper, Lil JoJo, Robin Russell, and his brother, John Coleman, made an appearance on BET’s Don’t Sleep with T.J. Holmes and accused Keef, born Keith Cozart, of playing a role in her son’s death. While Russell says that she doesn’t believe he pulled the trigger, she does believe that he hired a hitman and she also fears for her life.

Keef is currently being sued for child support by a Chicago 8th grader.

Surprisingly, when Katy Perry heard that she had offended the Chicago clown rapper, she apologized for offending him.

No word on if Keef accepts her apology, but he probably won’t. After all, the more violent, derogatory and misogynistic his words, the more his peers seem to love it and the more corporate America pays him.