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Interscope artist, Chief Keef (BigGucciSosa300), has continuously denied any involvement in the murder of rival, Lil JoJo (#OsoarrogantENT), born Joseph Coleman, who was gunned down at 18-years-old just hours after a brewing street war spilled over into social media. But if lyrics found in two songs on his recently released debut album, Finally Rich, are any indication, that may not be true, according to fans and foe weighing in on Twitter.

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In the song “Diamonds,” Keef raps: “Catch you slipping Scottie Pippin one phone call and you hit.”

Listen to “Diamonds” below. [PARENTAL ADVISORY]

In the song “Love Sosa,” Keef raps: “Hit him with that cobra/Now that boy slumped over/ They do it all for Sosa/ You boys ain’t making no noise/ Ya’ll know I’m a grown boy/ Your clique full of broke boys.”

Listen to “Love Sosa” below. [PARENTAL ADVISORY]

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Appearing on BET’s Don’t Sleep with T.J. Holmes, JoJo’s distraught mother, Robin Russell,  said she doesn’t believe Chief Keef pulled the trigger, but she does believe that he hired a hit-man and she also fears for her life.

See Don’t Sleep segment below:

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JoJo taunted Keef, and associates Lil Durk and Lil Reese, in a diss track posted on YouTube. In a separate video, JoJo can be heard antagonizing an alleged Keef associate, who clearly responds, “I’ma kill you!”  The tension escalated and threats were exchanged on Twitter, culminating with JoJo’s death mere hours later after he tweeted his location.

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According to people following the street feud, Chief Keef is clearly behind the bold murder, though police have not charged or implicated him in any crime.

Read some of the discussion taking place on Twitter below:

As previously reported by NewsOne, retaliation for the unsolved September 4 murder of Lil JoJo has possibly led to multiple deaths that Chicago police are currently investigating. Lil JoJo’s best friend, Joshua Davis, an aspiring rapper who went by the name of JayLoud, was gunned down on Christmas day for wearing a Lil JoJo hoodie.

“He was killed because he was wearing a hoodie and getting off the bus,” said the victim’s sister Selina Davis, 24. “He was a great boy. He was only a baby.”

Johnathan Moody, cousin of Davis, said he and other friends had warned Davis about wearing the “JoJo” sweatshirt around the neighborhood.

“We would tell him, ‘That ain’t good to wear that hoodie.’ But that was his best friend,” Moody said.

According to Global Grind,JayLoud aired out the inner-city conflict via social media, as well:

On a JayLoud video posted on YouTube, Joshua Davis raps in one song that “We know them and they know us, let’s get it. Smoke ’em like some dope when we roll up.”

As for Chief Keef, real name Keith Cozart, he is currently on probation for pointing a gun at a police officer, and prosecutors claim that he violated the terms by “holding a rifle in an online video.” The 17-year-old rapper now lives in Los Angeles, but prosecutors want him in juvenile detention for his own safety:

“Anytime he is in Chicago, he is a potential target and anyone around him is in jeopardy, including innocent kids,” said Nicholas Roti, chief of the Chicago Police Department’s Organized Crime Bureau.

Though Chief Keef continues to proclaim his innocence, his initial heartless reaction immediately following Lil JoJo’s death will continue to haunt him: