Cleveland Police Chief Wayne Drummond addressed "misleading" reports claiming that about 30 children have recently gone missing in the city.

The Ohio Supreme Court's ruling to reject Loehmann's appeal advocating for his reinstatement to the force upheld the city of Cleveland's termination decision from 2017.

The DOJ announced there lacked sufficient evidence to "support federal criminal charges against Cleveland Division of Police (CDP) Officers Timothy Loehmann and Frank Garmback."


An arbitrator ruled that the Cleveland Police Department was justified in firing Tamir Rice's killer, former officer Timothy Loehmann, who doesn't seem to be able to find work anywhere.


The Cleveland Police Patrolmen’s Association has filed an appeal to overturn the firing of the former cop who killed Tamir Rice.

Cleveland police officials released new details about a racist cop's text messages.


Michael Brelo, a White Cleveland police officer, is one of six officers fired for his role in a high-speed police chase that ended with 137 shots fired in 19.6 seconds at two unarmed Black people, according to He is among 13 officers who shot and killed Timothy Russell and his passenger Malissa Williams after a high-speed, 22-mile chase […]

In a scathing rebuke of Cleveland’s police practices, the city and U.S. Department of Justice have entered into a court enforceable agreement to halt excessive use of force by officers. The DOJ on Tuesday released findings of a 21-month investigation that began in 2013, according to the complaint, saying officers frequently used unreasonable force against […]

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Mayor Frank Jackson joined Roland Martin on NewsOne Now to discuss the settlement that was reached between the Cleveland Police Department and the Department of Justice as well as the verdict in the Michael Brelo trial. The DOJ uncovered extensive abuse by the Cleveland Police Department over a three year period, which marks the second […]

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According to an article on, it has been six months since Tamir Rice died and the Cleveland police officer who shot him has yet to be questioned. That in itself is utterly shameful. Now, the Cleveland Police Department has released an incident report on Tamir Rice that has caused a lot of confusion and sparked […]