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Michael Brelo, a White Cleveland police officer, is one of six officers fired for his role in a high-speed police chase that ended with 137 shots fired in 19.6 seconds at two unarmed Black people, according to

He is among 13 officers who shot and killed Timothy Russell and his passenger Malissa Williams after a high-speed, 22-mile chase through downtown in November 2012, notes the report.

Brelo, the only officer to face criminal charges in the shooting, was acquitted of manslaughter in May 2015, igniting protests across the city over unchecked use of excessive force in communities of color. He has been suspended without pay since his indictment.

After the Chevy Malibu came to a halt in the parking lot of an elementary school, Brelo reportedly stood on the hood of the car and fired 49 shots at the victims.

In addition to the six fired officers, six others face suspensions ranging from 21 days to 30 days; a thirteenth retired last year.


Brelo told investigators that he feared for his life when he opened fire and that his U.S. Marine Corps infantry training taught him to take an elevated position to avoid crossfire, according to a report by the Ohio Bureau of Criminal Investigation.

Days after being acquitted of manslaughter charges, Brelo turned himself in to police following a fight with his twin brother inside his Bay Village home.

Brelo was charged with assault. He pleaded no contest to a reduced charge of persistent disorderly conduct.

Five White Cleveland police supervisors, accused of failing to halt the chase, have been charged with misdemeanors in the predominantly Black suburb where the shooting occurred, and are still awaiting trial, the report says.



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