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According to an article on, it has been six months since Tamir Rice died and the Cleveland police officer who shot him has yet to be questioned.

That in itself is utterly shameful.

Now, the Cleveland Police Department has released an incident report on Tamir Rice that has caused a lot of confusion and sparked tons of controversy.

On Wednesday, a story featured on the DailyKos that was widely circulated stated that Cleveland Police charged Rice with“aggravated menacing” and “inducing panic.”

After further review of the incident report on Tamir Rice and a tweet published by the Cleveland Police Department, we know Rice was never officially charged with a crime.

Thursday on NewsOne Now, Roland Martin talked with Roland Hampton, a retired Washington D.C. police officer, about the confusion over the incident report regarding Tamir Rice.

The former D.C. cop told Martin that an incident report is the “who, what, how and what happened.”

“Even if there wasn’t a shooting and the police came there and something happens, then they should have filed a incident report,” he said.

He later added “a police officer writing a incident report is no more than a officer saying what happened.” Rice would have had to have been “officially charged by a district attorney … or prosecutor in the City of Cleveland, and that person would be the one who would say that Tamir was charged.”

Watch Martin, Hampton, Behavioral Health Expert Cleo Manago, Managing Editor at Lauren Victoria Burke,  and Washington Post Assistant Editor David Swerdlick discuss the Tamir Rice incident report in the video clip above.

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