“Black people are being targeted in this country,” activist Deric Muhammad said.

The judge in the Timothy Coggins cold case ruled on the bond request of the accused killers, and the prosecutor revealed the motive behind the racially motivated murder.

Spalding County Georgia police arrested five people connected to the cover-up or murder of 23-year-old Timothy Coggins, killed in 1983.

Alabama (WAPT)– James Bonard Fowler, a white former state trooper pleaded guilty Monday to a lesser charge in the 1965 shooting death of a black man, Jimmie Lee Jackson, at a civil rights protest, a killing that inspired historic voting rights marches. James Bonard Fowler, 77, entered the plea of misdemeanor second-degree manslaughter two weeks […]

Phlisia Bunting’s body was found dumped in a Colorado state park two months after she finished her freshman year in high school. Phlisia Bunting’s body was found partially submerged in a lake in July 1990.