Chadwick Boseman's death reinforces an unfortunate truth: Black people are disproportionately diagnosed with colon cancer in a trend that has heightened implications for Black men, in particular.

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"Combat Jack," also known as Reggie Ossé, announced on Twitter that he had been diagnosed with colon cancer.


There has been a dramatic and steep rise in the number of young adults being diagnosed with colon and rectal cancer in recent years.

Keven Stonewall (pictured), 19, is on a serious mission: he hopes to one day create a vaccine that will eradicate colon cancer. The Chicago South Side youth has already started working on a potential cancer cure at a Rush University laboratory, reports DNAInfo Chicago. SEE ALSO: Matthew Knowles To Teach Music Course At Houston College […]

Blacks have the highest risk of dying from colon cancer, according to the CDC. And a new study suggests one of the possible reasons why. Researchers analyzed information from 503 patients in the North Carolina Colon Cancer Study. They found that 7 percent of blacks and 14 percent of whites had cancer with a genetic […]