The Florida Senate voted in favor of a bill to prevent the removal of Confederate monuments, which were backed by an open white supremacist.


Confederate monuments burst into public consciousness in 2015 when a shooting at a historically Black church in Charleston, South Carolina.

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A new documentary explores monuments there.

The historic Robert E. Lee confederate monument in Richmond, Virginia is finally coming down after Gov. Ralph Northam announced plans for its removal back in June 2020. The Virginia State Supreme Court gave the city permission to start the multi-day process, which should be completed before the end of the week.

Ole Miss basketball players kneel during the national anthem.


Silent Sam, the Confederate statue on the University of North Carolina's main campus that was toppled by protesters in August, will find a new, permanent home elsewhere on the school's sprawling grounds in Chapel Hill, university officials recommended.

Police arrested at least seven people as opposing sides clashed over the "Silent Sam" Confederate statue on the University of North Carolina campus.

Trump’s Columbus Day proclamation excludes recognition of how European colonization affected indigenous people.

New memorials to the Confederacy are being erected despite the controversy. Those behind the new wave of monuments are downplaying the racial implications.

A former Trump campaign spokeswoman called slavery good history during a debate on Fox about what to do with Confederate monuments.


Ku Klux Klan members rallied in Charlottesville, Virginia against plans to remove a statue of Confederate General Robert E. Lee.