At least 3 deaths are attributed to the deadly virus in this new outbreak.

BRAZZAVILLE, Republic of Congo — Families desperately crowded outside morgues on Wednesday while others tried to get past the police tape blocking access to the wasteland that now stretches over one-square-mile of this African capital. SEE ALSO: Tornado Victim Reunited With Cat On Camera [VIDEO] Homemade Cannon Kills Woman, Injures Man In California It’s a […]

A year before Columbus set sail for America, an African king was baptized and converted his kingdom into a Catholic nation that lasted nearly 370 years. King Nzinga a Nkuwu, ruler of Kongo, located in what is now northern Angola, decided to become a Christian not long after Portuguese mariners reached his shores in 1483. […]

While the brutal epidemic of  women raped in the Congo has drawn much outrage in the media, lesser known incidents of men being raped by other men in the region and around the world are now coming to light, and apparently, in some places these occurrences are fairly common. Arab news organization, Al-Jazeera, recently reported […]

KINSHASA, Congo — An international medical aid group says more than 100 people were raped in a recent attack in Congo’s volatile east. Megan Hunter of Medicins Sans Frontieres said Thursday that a team in Fizi territory in South Kivu province found more than 100 victims of rapes that occurred between June 10 and 12. […]

Four armed men barged into Anna Mburano’s hut, slapped the children and threw them down. They flipped Mrs. Mburano on her back, she said, and raped her, repeatedly.

The United Nations reported that more than 500 systematic rapes were committed by armed combatants in eastern Congo since late July — more than double the number previously reported — and accepted partial responsibility for not protecting citizens.

JOHANNESBURG — The International Monetary Fund and the World Bank have set the stage to relieve Congo of a massive $12.3 billion in debt, most of it dating back more than 20 years to loans made to the corrupt regime of dictator Mobutu Sese Seko.

When the international community botches its promises to protect the world’s most vulnerable, those at the helm of our largest economies, as well as the international press and your next door neighbor, are quick to assert their steadfast commitment to ‘never allow the past to repeat itself.’

DAKAR, Senegal — The number of rapes carried out by civilians in eastern Congo has increased by 17-fold in the last few years, according to a study released Thursday that says sexual assaults long perpetrated by armed groups are spreading across the population.

DAKAR, Senegal — At least 321 civilians were killed in a previously unreported massacre in Congo in late 2009, while villagers that escaped their rebel captors were sent back with their lips and ears cut off as a warning to others of what would happen if they tried to talk, according to an investigation by […]

From Business Week: More than 8,000 cases of rape were reported last year in the Democratic Republic of Congo’s eastern Kivu provinces, where government forces are battling rebel fighters, the United Nations humanitarian agency said.