Critical Race Theory

Despite the outrage, San Diego State University is standing behind a Black professor's lesson.

A review conducted by PEN America shows no other state in America has banned more books from school libraries than Texas.

The value of AP courses could force opponents of critical race theory to make a crucial choice.

A Florida judge blocked part of Gov. Ron DeSantis' "Stop WOKE Act."

Michael James resigned from O.J. Semmes Elementary School after a staffer allegedly removed images of Black heroes from his classroom.

Oklahoma State Board of Education voted to demote Tulsa Public Schools' accreditation status due to critical race theory claims.

Despite Ron DeSantis' opposition to critical race theory, Florida paid $700k to MGT Consulting, which teaches racial inclusivity.

Kevin Stitt called for an investigation into Tulsa Public Schools after claims that the school district violated the state’s new anti-CRT law

A Maryland educator hired for a DEI gig in Cherokee County, GA was ousted by anti-CRT parents & then targeted after moving on in Cobb County.

The GOP candidate selectively flip-flopped on his pro-Trump, anti-CRT stances.

Critical Race Theory is not an alternative or comparable concept to white supremacist ideologies like the great replacement theory. It also does not in any way mandate or dictate the oppression of white people. Here's a look at some of the main ideas centered on CRT.