Critical Race Theory

Mellissa Carone, who is running for the Michigan state legislature and is known for her voter fraud testimony alongside Rudy Giuliani, claimed Critical Race Theory is meant to "eliminate the white people in America, particularly the white male in America.”

Republican Oklahoma state Rep. Jim Olsen has filed House Bill 2988, which would prohibit teaching "that one race is the unique oppressor" or "another race is the unique victim in the institution of slavery.”

Black parents in Loudoun County, Virginia, talked about how, for years, they showed up to school board meetings—just as the white CRT opposers do—to discuss Black students being forced to endure humiliating and disturbing lessons that trivialized slavery by turning it into a game. They said their concerns went ignored.

The Williamson County branch of conservative parents group "Moms for Liberty" filed a complaint claimijng books on Martin Luther King Jr., Ruby Bridges and more are "Anti-American" and "Anti-White," as well as guilty of promoting a "slanted obsession with historical mistakes."

During an interview with CNN, Virginia Lt. Gov. Winsome Sears came through with a picture-perfect example of what makes her a white nationalist sockpuppet as she decried Critical Race Theory while obfuscating what it actually is.

James Whitfield, a black principal in Texas was forced to resign this week after months of controversy surrounding accusations that he forced critical race theory onto students

After Condoleezza Rice said she doesn't "have to make white kids feel bad for being white," do you think the anti-CRT Virginia mother would oppose her daughter learning about abolitionist John Brown’s significance leading up to the Civil War?

The media's continued failure to discern the difference between genuinely concerned parents and the political agenda bent on destroying years of equality is sad but not surprising. It also shows a media landscape wholly unprepared for race conversations and the fundamental need to divest from white supremacy.  

Texas Republican state Rep. Matt Krause has compiled a list of 850 books he has identified as materials that "might make students feel discomfort, guilt, anguish, or any other form of psychological distress because of their race or sex," and requested that school districts report possessing any books from the list.

Kohler was one of several board members who voted in support of the resolution last July. Passed less than two months after Derek Chauvin murdered George Floyd, the now rescinded resolution included language condemning white supremacy culture and hate speech. It also recommended that school districts think more intentionally.  

On Monday, Glenn Youngkin, the GOP's great white hope in Virginia's gubernatorial race, released a campaign ad featuring a woman who, in 2012 and 2013, embarked on a mission to get iconic, Nobel Prize-winning Black author Toni Morrison's novel Beloved removed from her son's school.

To the casual listener, there might be nothing wrong with this conversation. But therein lies the problem with it. Normalizing talking points meant to undermine advancement while engaging in intellectually dishonest commentary only emboldens groups who deal in dishonesty.