San Francisco Superior Court cleared 88,000 suspended driver’s license cases for certain people who failed to appear in traffic court.

Denver settles a jail fee lawsuit filed by Mickey Howard and agrees to reform its policy.

A federal judge ordered Orleans Parish courts to allow a “neutral forum” to determine whether defendants can afford to pay court fees and fines before sending them to jail for nonpayment.

The federal judge called it “ineffective” and “counterproductive” to take away licenses from cash-strapped drivers.

San Francisco's Board of Supervisors unanimously eliminated a range of fees charged to those exiting the criminal justice system.

Progress made under the Obama administration is being reversed.

Attorney General Jeff Sessions revoked 25 Justice Department guidance documents on a range of federal laws.


New study illuminates how cities target Black residents to increase revenue.

A lawsuit accuses 13 St. Louis suburbs of extorting poor Black residents. Attorneys say they're operating debtor's prisons.