In a twist, conservatives are suggesting the U.S. "limit funding" - aka defund - the FBI and DOJ because of Donald Trump's criminal indictment in New York City. So much for the "party of law and order"...


Here's what that may mean for Black folks.

Black-led civil rights groups opposing Democrat's new policing bills that fund law enforcement urged the Congressional Black Caucus to resist supporting the legislation.

Joe Biden delivered a fiery speech in Pennsylvania pushing his plan to "fund the police."

The rhetoric following the failure to pass police reform placed the blame squarely on Democrats embracing "defund the police" language, but two law enforcement groups have joined those who suggest that's a lie pushed by Sen. Tim Scott.

A review of data from several cities suggests the gunshot detection system is an expensive flop, potentially exposing Black communities to unnecessary police interactions.


Although there is a great deal of variation across the nation’s roughly 18,000 police departments, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reported that salaries for police have largely climbed in the past five years.

Civil Rights & Social Justice

If racism is a public health crisis, then the Louisville Metro Police Department is a tumor. And a tumor can't cure itself.

Stunning video footage shows a Tacoma police vehicle surrounded by pedestrians, speeding through the crowd and appearing to drive over several people in Washington State.

Sunday's event and the LAPD's lackadaisical response exemplifies the collective frustration regarding law enforcement and why so many are advocating to defund the police.

Barack Obama endured one of the most difficult days of his post-presidency on Wednesday, and while the blows were severe, the call outs were legitimate.


Defunding the police does NOT mean eliminating police. You can say it 100 times but people fundamentally opposed to your equality will always alter your words to apply a meaning convenient to their narrative, as if they are the victims.