A city councilman walks back a racist tweet about Diamond Reynolds after learning that she reached a $800,000 settlement.

When you watch the disturbing police dash cam video of the fatal shooting of Philando Castile, you will wonder just how a jury could acquit St. Anthony, Minnesota, police officer Jeronimo Yanez. But this is America, a country founded on racial oppression, right?

Diamond Reynolds, the girlfriend of Philando Castile, said Tuesday that she livestreamed the aftermath of his shooting out of fear.


Diamond Reynolds, the girlfriend of Philando Castile, was arrested and charged in relation to a hammer attack on a woman in St. Paul.

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The family of Philando Castile welcomed the charges against the cop who shot and killed the 32-year-old, but his girlfriend believes "the highest charge was not brought against him."

Reynolds remained vigilant that Castile did two things--followed proper protocol and informed the responding officer that he was in possession of a firearm. Reynolds repeatedly says he never brandished the weapon at any point during the traffic stop.