A lawsuit claims artificial intelligence discriminates.

Leondra Taylor was fired for posting an image of Trump wearing a KKK hood, the lawsuit says.

A Black vlogger in New York City named Alana Lambert shared her experience on YouTube after she and a friend were accosted by a woman in Central Park over Lambert's phone charger.

Good News

The WNBA has unveiled an initiative designed to address racial health disparities faced by Black women and girls.


While Blacks make up 13 percent of the population, they account for 21 percent of COVID-19 related deaths. And The COVID Tracking Project reports more than 40,000 Black people have died from the infectious disease. Other disproportionately impacted populations include Latinx, American Indians/Alaska Natives, essential workers (which includes critical retail, trade and transportation employees) and older adults, specifically those over the age of 65.

The disproportionate struggles that successful Black men have with depression indicates how racism has vastly different consequences for them compared to Black women and other groups, research shows.


Two Harlem sisters have been banned from their dance school and prohibited from performing in the 'Black Nutcracker' because their hair was in braids.


We asked people if they had ever experienced specific forms of discrimination, harassment or unfair treatment because they are black, Latino, Native American, Asian American, a woman, lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender or queer.

Two major organizations have broken ties with club.

A new study confirmed that Lyft and Uber drivers discriminate against African-American customers.