Arkansas news outlet KARK 4 apologized for tweeting disrespectfully about "the so-called Black National Anthem" and even had the nerve to misspell its name, "Lift Every Voice and Sing."


Journalists should be concerned about newsroom cuts, but the Black community and lovers of democracy must be alarmed, too. Here's why.


No, all Black folks don't look alike.

The Baltimore Sun newspaper recently went public to acknowledge a history of racism that's gone ignored for its entire 185 years in print. That is, until now.


An internal review by the New York Times revealed it has work to do in creating an environment that is welcoming and inclusive for people of varying ethnic backgrounds, especially Black and Latino staff members.


CNN host Don Lemon used his platform to encourage newsrooms to increase staffing diversity in a meaningful way, and not just for appearances.

The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette has denied claims that Alexis Johnson and Michael Santiago were kept from covering the city's George Floyd protests because they are Black.


The fallout at the New York Times over a recent headline’s clear mischaracterization of the president’s nonstop racism continued this week with a staff meeting addressing a number of missteps the paper has had covering the topic of race.

NBC News apparently saw CBS’ recent diversity flub and raised it one tone-deaf racial faux pas.


The old saying that white people think all Black people look alike reared its ugly head at the New York Times Tuesday morning.

The stunning lack of diversity in media has seemingly never been more apparent than in the past few days.