Driving While Black

A viral video purportedly shows a Black police graduate getting profiled by Texas cops.

"This is how you guys get killed," an officer told Gerardson Nicolas during a traffic stop.

A growing number of social media reports claim the Grand Rapids police officer who killed Patrick Lyoya following a traffic stop over an alleged misdemeanor moving violation is named Christopher Paul Schurr.

Philadelphia has taken steps to ban its police officers from initiating traffic stops for minor infractions, a move that should prompt a collective sigh of relief for Black drivers, in particular, who are disproportionately targeted for such moving violations.

A Missouri black man filed a lawsuit against Maryland Heights Police accusing officers of unlawful seizure, excessive force, and unlawful search after a traffic stop almost turned into tragedy.


Terry Duane Turner is free on bail after killing unarmed Adil Dghoughi, lying to police about the circumstances and then being allowed to turn himself in weeks later in the shooting of an immigrant from Morocco who only pulled into Turner's driveway to turn his car around in Martinville, Texas.

A recent study found police officers have more pleasant interactions with white drivers than their Black counterparts using a compilation of body camera data.

Yet another case of driving while Black.

David Logan's injuries were so severe, he had to be treated by two hospitals.

A study of almost 100 million traffic stops found widespread police profiling.

An Iowa man wins a Driving While Black lawsuit settlement.

The police stop of the Rev. Kevin Cosby ignited a debate.