Scores of New Yorkers took to the streets on Wednesday to express their discontent with Donald Trump's election win.

How can a person who commits murder or rapes a child receive lesser time than an individual who is charged with a low-level drug offense?

Attorney General Eric Holder (pictured) made an appeal Thursday to both sides of Congress to pass a new law aimed at giving judges more control over giving sentences for some federal drug crimes. The Smarter Sentencing Act, a bipartisan effort, will aid individuals who were charged under outdated drug laws and the like. RELATED: Focusing […]

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President Barack Obama‘s commutation of 8 crack cocaine sentences that he said were unduly harsh underscores the problem with so-called “mandatory minimum” drug sentencing laws that force judges to impose long sentences even if they don’t fit the crime. “The people [whose sentences he commuted] yesterday already had served 15 years, many of them — […]

President Obama signed legislation on Tuesday reducing longstanding federal sentencing disparities between those caught with crack and those arrested with powder cocaine, finalizing a bipartisan consensus addressing a racially polarizing law enforcement debate.

There is a new article in Mother Jones that speculates that U.S. drug laws are the modern version of Jim Crow Laws. They use some startling statistics to prove their point.