A vaccine for the highly contagious and deadly Ebola virus has proved to be 100 percent effective, the World Health Organization announced Friday. Tests show that a single dose of the newly developed vaccine, VSV-EBOV, is highly effective. Scientists hope the vaccine will prevent the spread of the virus, the latest of which swept over three West […]

Live Well, World

The West African nation of Liberia has just five remaining confirmed cases of Ebola, a senior health official from that country said on Friday. The official also said that Liberia could be free of the virus by the end of next month, reports Reuters. Liberia – a country founded in the early 1800s by Americans […]

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After the death of nearly 7,000 Africans and one American from the deadly Ebola virus, there is heartening news on the vaccine front.  The U.S. government through the National Institutes of Health and British pharmaceutical giant GlaxoSmithKline has developed a promising new Ebola vaccine, which could be ready as early as January 2015. In the clinical trials, which […]

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A mainstay of the black entertainment magazine scene is about to go dark. Sister2Sister, a publication that was designed for African American women and highlighted black Hollywood, has filed for bankruptcy. Jamie Foster Brown, the publisher of the 28-year-old magazine, says she wants to focus on building its online brand. “The community does not want […]