The MAGA movement wasn't beaten back once and for all, but it was a step in the right direction.

The Black Ballot

As lawmakers discuss today’s hot topic policy issues, we must remain focused and hold our leaders accountable during the redistricting process that is producing a number of gerrymandered maps of where people can vote.

Marjorie Taylor Greene makes a series of racist comments in uncovered videos.

Joe Biden's presidential campaign has begun to roll out its a new massive advertising blitz worth more than a quarter of a billion dollars, with the first commercial targeting Black voters. Watch it here.

The Democratic presidential candidate pitches his ideas for addressing systematic racism.

The politician ran on a platform of public safety and neighborhood stabilization.

The former Barack Obama campaign political director wants to win key demographics.

John James makes it clear that he disagrees with the president on many issues.

The politician blames Supreme Court rulings for the hectic in-person voting in the state.

Citizens express their outrage on social media.


Some voters may question how genuine the senator is being.