Marquis Jefferson's cause of death was a heart attack. But there are good odds that the 59-year-old died at least in part because of residual trauma and elevated levels of stress, according to research.

Even though we all saw the chokehold on camera...

Hundreds hailed Erica Garner as a courageous racial justice activist, including rapper Common and Rev. Al Sharpton, at her funeral service in Harlem, New York Monday.


Black women are dying from the trauma of police violence and this issue must be grappled with before more die.

Not one NYPD police officer has received implicit bias training since a White cop used a chokehold that killed Eric Garner in 2014.

Erica Garner passed away this morning. The 27-year-old was a true warrior, gave her life to social justice and fought back against a system that gave her no justice. The mother of two was the daughter of Eric Garner, who was killed on July 17, 2014, when an NYPD officer restrained him with an illegal […]

Erica Garner, activist and daughter of Eric Garner, has passed away. She was the mother of two and only 27 years old. The New York Daily News reported she suffered an asthma attack on December 23, which caused a heart attack. Erica did not know she had heart issues until her last pregnancy in August, “after […]

Erica Garner and her family have received an outpouring of love, prayers and support after news of the activist's heart attack and severe brain injury.

Erica Garner was declared brain dead as family and friends were called to say their goodbyes to the courageous activist Thursday morning.


She is in critical condition after an asthma attack led to cardiac arrest.


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