The legacy of the Exonerated Five must never die.

A criminal justice advocate, motivational speaker, and criminal justice advocate, Salaam's experience could set him apart from potential competitors.

Kevin Richardson of the Exonerated Five was recently awarded an honorary degree from Syracuse University.

The Exonerated Five’s Korey Wise helped distribute over 700 boxes of free groceries to families in Harlem.

Korey Wise, a member of the Exonerated Five, recently hosted a back-to-school drive for youth in Harlem.

The Exonerated Five's Korey Wise delivered food to senior citizens in Harlem amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

Former New York City Mayor and current Democratic presidential candidate Michael Bloomberg said he had “no idea” if the corrupt NYPD officers who handled the Central Park 5 case "acted in good faith."

This holiday season Korey Wise—a member of the Exonerated Five— hosted a toy drive for underprivileged children in Harlem.

Viewing "When They See Us" is doubly important for those in society with the means and power to sympathize and affect change. Namely, white people. They need to understand.