A black teen filed a wrongful arrest lawsuit against the cops.

It’s rare for prosecutors and law enforcement to admit to wrongdoing in the racist criminal justice system.


The “Race and Wrongful Convictions in the United States,” report was published Tuesday, and finds that Blacks are more likely than White Americans to be wrongly convicted of crimes they did not commit.


The murder of 18-year-old Michael Brown has left the city of Ferguson forever changed. As we approach the day in which the grand jury will decide whether to indict the police officer who killed Brown, President Obama is preparing federal agencies for unrest in the city following the verdict. During a recent meeting following the midterm elections, Obama spoke with […]

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The Huffington Post reports a record number of inmates were freed last year, exonerated for serious crimes it turns out they didn’t commit. The news comes from a a report released last week by the National Registry of Exonerations. Read more from Huffpo: The registry is a collaboration between the University of Michigan Law School and the Center […]