Darren Seals, killed in 2016, was under FBI surveillance when he died, a new report says.

Republicans are calling to "defund the FBI' after the raid on Donald Trump's Mar-a-Lago resort in Florida.

The FBI has confirmed that six “tech-savvy juveniles” are persons of interest in connection to the string of bomb threats made to nearly two dozen HBCUs since the start of the New Year. 

The FBI has offered a noncommittal response to the ongoing series of HBCU bomb threats while Black leaders are sounding the alarm and demanding a full investigation from federal law enforcement officials.

A federal judge ordered accused Capitol rioter Samuel Lazar to remain jailed in part because of racist death threats posted on Facebook that suggest he's a danger to Black people.

Maryland man Uliyahu Hayah was arrested and charged for his alleged role in the Jan. 6 Capitol riots in what may be the first non-white person being held accountable for the violent insurrection that left five people dead.

A brief exchange during a Senate Judiciary Committee about the insurrection at the Capitol drew attention to the FBI's systemic racism. But Director Christopher Wray actually denied its existence. Under oath.

Kelly Wood, the daughter of a deceased former NYPD officer, claims a letter was forged with her father's signature which named the FBI and NYPD as co-conspirators in the slain civil rights leader's death.

A deathbed declaration by a former undercover NYPD officer accuses the NYPD and the FBI of acting as co-conspirators in the assassination of the civil rights icon.

The Proud Boys leader reportedly worked as an undercover informant for federal and local law enforcement, following a 2012 arrest.

Participants in the Jan. 6 siege on the U.S. Capitol brazenly posted their whereabouts on social media, unafraid of the consequences. To date the FBI has arrested over 150 people, and warns more arrests are coming.

After plotting to steal Nancy Pelosi's laptop during the Jan. 6 insurrection, Riley June Williams is currently enjoying the comforts of her mother's home instead of a jail cell.