Michael James resigned from O.J. Semmes Elementary School after a staffer allegedly removed images of Black heroes from his classroom.

Despite Ron DeSantis' opposition to critical race theory, Florida paid $700k to MGT Consulting, which teaches racial inclusivity.

The new law comes 10 years after Jordan Davis was murdered over loud music in Jacksonville.

They are on video racially profiling a 16-year-old in the town where Trayvon Martin was killed.

Titusville police officer Joshua Payne was charged with manslaughter months after shooting James Lowery in the back of his head in a mistaken identity case.

If more isn’t done to level the playing field, so voters have a reasonable chance of making their voices heard, America will look less like a democracy and more like a dictatorship.  

Rayme McCoy fell victim to a racist verbal attack by Kevin Williamson who then punched her more than 10 times at a Jacksonville gas station. Her lawyers want him to face hate charges.

Martin County School District in Florida is investigating a photo at Hidden Oaks Middle School where white students spelled out the N-word as anti-CRT state Republicans are silent about it.

Delaware State University's women’s lacrosse team was pulled over while returning from Florida last month by cops who had no probable cause and no reason to suspect the team had done anything wrong outside of the fact that most of the team members are Black, according to the team's head coach, Pamella Jenkins.

A Florida man was caught on camera in the midst of a profane, slur-heavy verbal attack on Black students at South Miami Middle School after he said the students hit his car.


A white couple was reportedly "yelling racist and homophobic slurs," according to the poster of a Tik Tok video, and behaving unruly until got kicked off of a JetBlue flight in West Palm Beach, Florida. But to let one mile-high Karen tell it, they were kicked off the flight simply because they're Trump supporters. 

NBA player Udonis Haslem has launched a grant program for BIPOC-owned businesses in his hometown of Miami.