Florida school district had sympathetic words for a pair of suspected white supremacist students, including one wearing a white hood, after a video on social media showed them using racist slurs.

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis is recruiting police officers from around the country who may not be happy with immunization mandates in their respective cities.

Nikki Fried believes DeSantis' new medical marijuana licensing rule will increase the application fees for protected black farmers by more than double the cost.


Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis has announced Dr. Joseph Ladapo, a Nigerian-born, Harvard-trained UCLA researcher who opposes mask and vaccine mandates, as Florida's new surgeon general.

Alleged scammers in Florida are accused of stealing the identity of victims who died in the Surfside Champlain Towers South condo collapse to buy items from high-end retailers like Medusa, Versace and Louboutin, as well as goods from Target.

A Florida law disingenuously presented as being "anti-riot" when critics say it is, in fact, anti-peaceful protester and protects drivers who hit protesters, has been deemed unconstitutional, a federal judge ruled.

Former Marines sharpshooter Bryan Riley, who admitted to committing mass murder in Florida, was arrested alive while Black people suspected of nonviolent crimes get fatally gunned down by police with impunity.

Everyone knows George Floyd, Ahmaud Arbery, and Brianna Taylor, but have you heard the little-known tragic story of Dontrell Stephens?

Osceola Sheriff's Deputy Ethan Fournier's brutal body slam of 16-year-old Taylor Bracey that was recorded on film and went viral "did not violate any laws in the State of Florida,” officials have decided.

Children under 12 are not eligible for vaccination, increasing the need for masks mandates.

Marco Rubio immediately lashed out at Val Demings in apparent fear after the Democratic Congresswoman formally announced that she's coming for the Florida Republican's seat in the U.S. Senate next year.

Rep. Val Demings is making a chess move in order to solidify a political future in the state with plans to announce a bid for U.S. Senate, directly challenging Republican Marco Rubio in 2022.