Tyre Nichols' funeral plans were announced as the Memphis police officers involved in the traffic stop that led to his death avoid charges.

The public memorial is Friday in Atlanta.

The funeral for the 15-year-old comes amid calls for the Gulfport, Mississippi, cop who shot him in the head to be held accountable.

Jayland Walker's funeral after he was killed by police was open casket in a move that harkens back to Emmett Till.

Memes and gifs imagining what Kevin Samuels' funeral will look like have gone viral one week after the controversial YouTuber and self-proclaimed relationship guru died in Atlanta.

During the emotional service, the Reverend Al Sharpton vowed to help the Locke family on their mission for justice and to successfully ban the use of no-knock warrant searches from police protocol.

The lack of donations to a GoFundMe organized by comedian and actor Anthony "A.J." Johnson's widow Lexis Jones Mason has promoted her to describe disingenuous condolences and undelivered promises for money as "fake love."

Rev. Al Sharpton's eulogy at Andrew Brown Jr.'s funeral called out South Carolina Sen. Tim Scott's much-debated claim that "America is not a racist country."

Lingering unanswered questions surrounding the high-profile police shooting Andrew Brown Jr. was looming large ahead of his funeral in Elizabeth City, North Carolina.

Ma'Khia Bryant will be laid to rest in Columbus, Ohio on Friday at 1p.m. at the First Church of God where Bishop Timothy J. Clarke presides.  

Ma'Khia will be laid to rest on Friday at 1 p.m. at the The First Church of God, the same church that hosted the funerals of other Black, Columbus community members slain by police, Casey Goodson Jr., and Andre Hill

DMX's family and friends will come together to honor his life and legacy with two scheduled events after his sudden passing.