Xbox’s ‘Project Amplify’ aims to inspire Black youth to chart career paths in gaming.

The Black Collegiate Gaming Association is helping students of color venture into the gaming industry not only as consumers but as innovators and contributors too.

The founder of Minnesota’s first Black-owned gaming development studio has inked a deal with Xbox.

An eSports league platform created by a Black millennial from Detroit has garnered $30.5 million in funding.

Delane Parnell, 25, launched a startup called PlayVS which is poised to disrupt the gaming industry.

Tontrevion Campbell and his mother were victims of a burglary over Thanksgiving weekend. While the family attended church on Sunday, many of the mother's items were taken, in addition to Tontrevion's hand-me-down Xbox console and every game he owned.

Managing your relationship with your kids and video games is a tough balancing act. Let’s not get too focused on how old anybody is, but let’s just say I am old enough to remember the Atari 2600 coming out. Naturally, I liked Space Invaders and Asteroids like everybody else but I enjoyed outdoor sports far […]