Donald Trump not only failed George Floyd but also Black America with policing and criminal justice reform, the Biden Campaign said in an exclusive statement to NewsOne.


Senate Republicans previously filibustered the sweeping criminal justice reform bill.

Selwyn Jones said all the policing changes that have taken place in the four years since his nephew was murdered in Minneapolis "will never be enough" to stop police violence.

Frank Tyson accurately predicted the police would kill him.


Davis Lucas is catching major flak.


Prosecutors explained the motivation for Derek Chauvin being attacked by inmate John Turscak.


The U.S. Supreme Court declining to hear Derek Chauvin's latest appeal of his conviction for murdering George Floyd should remove any doubt that he won’t serve his full sentences.

Like it or not, Black Lives Matter is one of if not the largest social movements America has ever seen. As it turns 10 years old, we now have an entire decade’s worth of legacy to ponder over. 

According to a recent study by LinkedIn, the chief diversity and inclusion officer positions grew by 168.9% from 2019 to 2022.

On the third anniversary of the murder of George Floyd, civil rights leaders mourn the loss of the Black man whose death sparked a movement.

The court rejected Derek Chauvin's petition to throw out his conviction, which argued that he was unable to get a fair trial.

Minneapolis unanimously approved a police reform agreement that looks to combat years of racial bias in policing. Here's what we know.