Disgraced former congressman George Santos announced that he's running for another seat in Congress amid federal indictments.

Mazi Melesa Pilip is also a pro-Israel Orthodox Jew who served in the IDF and a county legislator who ran on a Republican ticket on Long Island despite her opposite political affiliation.

A jaw-dropping report from the House Ethics Committee was released.

Barbara Lee voted to expel George Santos from Congress, unlike two House Democrats who are also running for U.S. Senate in California.

Rep. George Santos is facing 10 new federal charges of wire fraud, identity theft and more.

New York Rep. George Santos inexplicably compared himself to Rosa Parks in response to Mitt Romney saying he shouldn't be in Congress.


There have always been deceptive candidates, but George Santos is different.


Nassau County Republican officials called on George Santos to resign after he admitted to lying about his background, but he has refused.

Old tweets show Republican New York Congressman-elect George Santos, who's been exposed as a serial liar, once claimed to be a "biracial" man who is "Caucasian and black."

Kevin McCarthy, who once hosted racist Obama birthers in his Congressional office, has nothing to say about George Santos' actual lies.