The unarmed, exonerated Black man was shot to death during a traffic stop in Georgia.

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Attorneys signaled their intent to sue a Camden County, Georgia police officer who shot and killed unarmed Black man Leonard Cure during a traffic stop.


A pro-police organization in Georgia defended Leonard Cure's killing by blaming media coverage about the victim’s recent exoneration from a life sentence.

The Georgia officer has a history of making violent traffic stops.

Leonard Cure spent 16 years in prison for a crime he didn't do before being shot at a traffic stop.


Leonard Allan Cure – who was exonerated from a wrongful life sentence he served 16 years of – was killed in Camden County, Georgia, during an ambiguously described traffic stop.

Houston County Sheriff's Deputy Paul Urhahn was allowed to resign after not being fired immediately for the now-former Georgia cop cruelly referring to Ahmaud Arbery's tragic killing as "the death penalty."

A black man is in critical condition in Augusta, Georgia, after police tased him during a traffic stop. Jermaine Jones Jr., 24, was stopped by Richmond County Police at the intersection of Highland Avenue and Clifton Street.