Gun Laws

Takeoff’s shooting death has raised some concerns about Texas’ extremely lax gun laws and the city of Houston’s rising homicide rate.

Black GOP congressional candidate Jerone Davison's campaign ad depicts him fending off "Democrats in Klan hoods" with an AR-15.

The ruling is expected to make it harder for other states to restrict guns amid a national gun violence crisis.

In Ohio, Republican lawmakers approved legislation that will allow school workers to carry guns without extensive hours of training.

If the Uvalde school shooting wasn't bad timing (to say the least), the upcoming NRA event in Texas where Gov. Greg Abbott and Ted Cruz are scheduled to speak certainly is.

Critics say Missouri Senate Bill 666 (yes, really) -- dubbed the "Make Murder Legal Act" -- would shield killers from prosecution and protect the "lynching of Black men."

A mass shooting in California that claimed the lives of four people on Wednesday occurred under the backdrop of state legislatures around the country expanding access to guns.

The suspect in the deadly shooting spree at Asian massage parlors near Atlanta was able to buy the gun he used to kill eight people quicker than it takes for average Georgia residents to register to vote.

Legally armed Black citizens have taken up a show of force in the aftermath of Ahmaud Arbery's shooting.


White folks in Nebraska went to the state's capitol carrying military weapons to demonstrate their right to bear arms.

GOP congressional leaders are looking to repeal an initiative that was created to prevent mentally ill individuals from purchasing guns.