He visited the gun company that armed the racist Jacksonville mass shooter. Coincidence?

Trump reportedly buying a gun while under felony indictment would mean his re-arrest.

Maliyah Palmer's parents were at Christmas party at the time of the shooting.

White man charged with terrorism in an unusual twist.

The city of Baltimore faced an uptick in crime following the Memorial Day weekend that set a record for the deadliest month the city’s faced in 15 years. According to Mic, the city, home to 622,104 people, was the target for multiple shootings over the holiday weekend. A total of 29 people were shot and nine people were killed. One […]

The family of the unarmed man shot and killed by a New York Police Department officer as he walked in a Brooklyn housing-project staircase has filed a wrongful death lawsuit against the city, the New York Times reports. Akai Gurley was fatally shot by police officer Peter Liang in November 2014. Gurley and his girlfriend […]

Man headed to Twin Cities on Megabus called “hero” for tackling an armed passenger. http://t.co/aoSMIfN0NC pic.twitter.com/0Vwa8busmE — KARE 11 (@kare11) May 14, 2015 Kenneth Smith wants everyone to know he isn’t a hero, but since tackling an armed passenger on a Megabus, many people believe otherwise. The 28-year-old was on the Chicago bus heading to […]

The Arizona police officer who ran over a fleeing suspect in February will not face aggravated assault charges, ABC News reports. Footage from the Feb. 19 incident was brought to light this week, showing officer Michael Rapiejko running over Mario Valencia, a man wanted for a number of robberies and burglaries. While officials previously said Valencia wanted […]


Amid great fanfare, the New York Police Department recently rolled out technology in Brooklyn and the Bronx that will allow officers to pinpoint the exact location of gunfire and transmit the information to investigators, reports The New York Times. “Today, we are rolling out cutting edge technology to make the city safer, to make our […]

But racism “is over” RT “@deray: Racist ‘Runnin N*gger’ Targets Sold At South Dakota Gun Show http://t.co/Wqcvn6kUI5 pic.twitter.com/iHvlBoaR4F — God (@CrownMeKingMusa) March 18, 2015 The Sioux Falls Collector’s Classic Gun Show in South Dakota has banned a vendor for selling shooting targets that depicted African-Americans, reports the Huffington Post. The vendor allegedly hid “Runnin’ Nigger” targets […]

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Gun violence in Chicago isn’t letting up. More than 40 people were shot this past weekend, leaving many looking in search of a way to stop the violence. Time.com has the story: At least nine people were killed and at least 36 wounded in Chicago over the Easter weekend, prompting a newly formed federal unit to […]