The failed Senate candidate previously lied he graduated.

Herschel Walker was wired $535,200 by billionaire and friend Dennis Washington, who believed the money was for his campaign for senator.


Here's why fewer Republicans voted for Herschel Walker than in the general election.

Christian Walker didn’t hold back after Warnock won the Senate runoff in Georgia.

Senate Democrats now have a 51-49 advantage.


CNN has published some interesting poll numbers showing that Raphael Warnock still holds a slim lead over Herschel Walker.

Barack Obama dragged Herschel Walker during a campaign rally in Atlanta for incumbent Sen. Raphael Warnock.

Race Matters

Ben Carson said attacks on Black conservatives like Herschel Walker are the left's "attempt to divide the Black community."

Race Matters

Herschel Walker claimed Donald Trump "did more for the African American community than the last four presidents put together."


Weird and cringy, but hilariously entertaining.


There’s historically been concern that such a runoff system disadvantages Black candidates.

Michael Tracey’s remark about Herschel Walker's accent is an insult to the “countless” Black people around the region.