If you ask just about anyone at Howard University what’s the other name for their school, they will readily tell you: “The Mecca.”

Howard University announced the appointment of Stacey Abrams as the inaugural Ronald W. Walters Endowed Chair for Race and Black Politics.

Howard University made HBCUs proud yet again when its swim and dive team made Black history on a recent 'Sports Illustrated' Daily Cover.


An HBCU men’s basketball program has decided to take on a surprising cause for their team's social justice project. 


During a demonstration that saw multiple Howard University professors in attendance along with students, some faculty members threatened to execute a strike if certain working conditions are not addressed.

As gentrification shows no signs of slowing, is it possible for Black residents to amicably share their spaces with the new white neighbors and still retain the community's culture?

A single tweet from an apparently random traveler turned Twitter upside down Thursday when it alleged a Howard University student had failed a midterm exam badly.

For Black History Month, NewsOne honors GAME CHANGERS: Everyday heroes whose actions make life better for the people around them. SEE ALL OUR GAME CHANGERS HERE. James Ward Place of Residence: Los Angeles, Calif. Why He’s a Game Changer: Ward, whose family faced homelessness, was able to crowd source the $12,000 he needed to attend […]


Most HBCU grads already know Howard University is one of the coolest campuses in the Black college family, but a group of faculty, staff and students took cool to a new level when they dropped their own version of the music video “Happy.” The Oscar-nominated song by Pharrell Williams was one of the most popular […]

“You just cant miss homecoming at Howard!” Those were the words spat out by deceased, legendary rapper Notorious B.I.G. who was known to mention the university’s famed event in various songs, and even appeared at a few to perform. This year’s Howard Homecoming began Monday October 10th and runs through this Saturday with the Yardfest, […]