The mayor of Clayton, Missouri is now defending the police officers who wrongfully accused Black students of a dine-and-dash.

Teddy Washington said he and his friends "did everything they were supposed to do."

From Atlanta to Harlem, this happens nationwide.

The restaurant was exposed on Facebook.

Jahkee Wade, a transgender man, is suing a Northeast Philadelphia IHOP, which he described as a “nightmare” job. Wade recently filed a lawsuit in Philadelphia’s federal court, claiming he was sexually harassed and discriminated against. Wade began working at IHOP in 2010 and began transitioning a year later, which is when he says the harassment […]

“What I make to very serious is that you understand there is absolutely no reason at all to think that the death of Ms. Marshall was caused by anything other than a health related issue,” McRae said in an exclusive interview with NewsOne

The breakfast eatery received major backlash on Sunday evening after tweeting, "Flat but has a GREAT personality," with a photo of a stack of their famous pancakes. The tweet wasn't well received by its fans who normally enjoy the company's humor.

The International House of Pancakes (IHOP) is offering a free stack of pancakes to costumers nationwide on National Pancake Day, according to IHOP‘s website. So you should be able to walk into any IHOP around the nation and ask for a stack of flapjakes. SEE ALSO: How The Right Invented “Barack X” All that is […]