A Howard University alum was recently arrested in Indonesia for drug possession.

From An Indonesian biopic called Little Obama depicts Barack Obama‘s youth in Jakarta, when he was a ping-pong wizard and rode motorcycles around town with flamboyant Asian men. Here’s an adorable (and only slightly weird) preview from Little Obama‘s set.

JAKARTA, Indonesia (AP) – An Indonesian filmmaker said Monday that his upcoming movie about the childhood of President Barack Obama will portray how the diversity of Jakarta influenced the future president.

JAKARTA, Indonesia — Somewhat bluntly, Barack Obama’s former teacher sums up the neighborhood thinking when the future American president turned up with his family in Indonesia’s capital more than 40 years ago.

JAKARTA, Indonesia — Authorities removed a statue of Barack Obama from a park in the Indonesian capital due to a public backlash and moved it Monday to a nearby elementary school that the U.S. president attended as a child.