The African American Mayors Association will meet for a three-day conference starting April 19 to chat about infrastructure policy and equity

Herschel Walker, the football legend-turned upstart U.S. Senate MAGA candidate in Georgia, showed his ignorance about how the Senate works when he fumbled a question about the infrastructure bill that was asked by a right-wing conservative news outlet.

Biden has the Congressional Black Caucus to thank for the final push. Black lawmakers negotiated with House Speaker Nancy Pelosi to sign off on the bill to pour trillions of dollars into damaged roads, bridges, tunnels, and transit. Initially, Democrats were steadfast in their decision to pass the infrastructure bill and the president social welfare and climate change proposal estimated at $1.85 trillion. Still, the idea was shot down by House officials. Black Caucus members pushed for Pelosi to pass the bill immediately and then hold a vote for the larger climate bill hopefully come mid-November, The New York Times noted.